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Clock Setting Instructions

How to Set a Contemporary Clock (Time and Day)

First, insert a AA battery.

Next, on the back of the clock, locate two dials:

Small dial at the top and in the center. We will refer to this as ‘the small dial’ in these instructions.  

Large dial in the lower right corner, just above the battery.  We will refer to this as ‘the large dial’ in these instructions.

Step 1

Rotate the large dial to align both the hour and the minute hands to 12.

Step 2

Gently pull out the small dial.  If the current time is before noon, rotate the day hand to the line next to yesterday and if it’s after noon select the line next to tomorrow. Push the small dial back in.

Step 3

Rotate the large dial so the hands move clockwise for AM settings or counter clockwise for PM settings to the current time. 


How to Set a Classic Clock (Day Only)

First, insert a AA battery.

Simply rotate the dial to the appropriate time. We suggest setting the clock at noon or midnight to align with the dash marks for maximum accuracy.