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DayClocks Classic Series Wall Clocks

Losing track of what day it is?

Not with a DayClock on your wall.  Just a glance and you are reoriented in time. What day is it?  Now you know. DayClocks day of the week wall clocks show just the day or the day and the time.

Makes a Great Retirement Gift

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Kitchen Wall Clock with day of the week

Celebrate the Day

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Helps with Memory Issues

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Wall clock for seniors, wall clock for dementia patients

Testimonials from Verified Customers

Judging by my uncle’s reaction, I’d say the DayClock is the best retirement gift under $50 I’ve ever given! I would highly recommend it as both fun and practical.

Jason E.

My mother has dementia so has a hard time keeping up with what day it is. I bought one for her, and put it above the couch where she likes to lie to watch T.V. She has learned how to use it and likes it very much.

Tailor M.

Now that my husband is retired, this is the only clock he needs! We have fun showing it to friends. It hangs where he can see it from his usual seat. It was easy to set up--insert a battery. It was easy to hang. Works well.

R. Smithon

The only clock you'll need when you're retired.

Larry in L.A.

The troops only have four days to relax before going back to their bases. They very quickly lose track of the time and the day. Your clocks bring a smile to their faces when they realize they only need to care about what day it is. 

Steven Murray, Duty Mgr. USO Qatar

Good quality and I've already ordered one in oak for a buddy as a gift. The mahogany finish matches our dark cherry kitchen cabinets very nicely!

B. McGanhon

I have now purchased 5 of these clocks. My husband and I use ours in our RV - we never know what day it is when we are camping. I have given the others as retirement gifts since we lose track of the day of the week so easily.

V. Roon

Great little conversation piece. We're retired and don't always know (or care) what day of the week it is! Just a quick glance and we know!

W. Guyon

When you are retired, after a while one day doesn't seem any different then the one before and it is easy to forget what day it is. This Day Clock keeps that from happening. When in doubt... look at the clock and you are back on track.

W. Ashbyon