Welcome to DayClocks™

home-content-picDayClocks™, the unique, perfect gift for your family, friends and business associates who live on “DayClock Time”, when the day is more important than the hour™. A DayClock gift is so unique, you’ll never hear, “I already have one!” They will find the DayClock useful and fun to show their friends. What a great gift idea this DayClock will be for your customers at Christmas time. It will make them remember you every time they look at their DayClock. It is a beautiful instrument anyone would be proud to own.

What a unique and unusual gift!

It’s so simple, it’s brilliant.

The DayClock face is divided into seven segments, and the day’s continuously moving hand makes one revolution every 168 hours, or one week. The border lines denote midnight and the midway point is noon. It’s a whole new way of looking at time.

The clever clock for a slower pace is just what you need for that special someone!