About Us

The DayClock is the invention of Mark Pierce and John Kallestad. DayClocks™, Inc. owns the trademark, design and utility patents and have plans to expand on many different variations of the original theme.

“This is the kind of clock that every retired person should own. It’s the perfect gift for a retired person.”



How The DayClock Was Born

The idea for the ultimate retirement gift was born in the heart of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, in the middle of July. Mark Pierce and John Kallestad had been dirt sailing for several days, knowing their wives would be showing up on Friday.

The problem was they didn’t know what day it was and their wristwatches only gave them the time, which didn’t help. After several beers around the campfire, an idea for the DayClock was born. The result was a clock, which gave them the only information they required–what day it is.